Волшебное озеро Метисон.

But the spectacular nature and enchanting view of the lake's dark waves are not the main attraction, although they play an important role. The lake is famous all over the world for its unique ability to reflect with amazing precision and freshness in its brownish waters the entire surrounding reality. When a cool breeze blows, or when rainy mist drizzles from the gray, dull sky, the lake is no different from other lakes. But only the quiet, calm weather comes, and it usually happens in the mornings and evenings, the lake transforms, the surface becomes an ideal mirror and in this magic mirror begins to appear thick, green-blue-red forest, white-blue mountain ranges, and in the middle of this breathtaking landscape appear in all their rough beauty, frozen in stone, the sons of the father-keeper Raki, the beautiful mountains of Cook, Tasman and La Perouse. It is as if they are located in the very place where they are reflected in the crystal clear waters of Mirror Lake on purpose, by someone's powerful, divine will. And a delightful, impressive and forever-removable picture of the sacred place of Maori Magic Lake Metison opens up to the amazing eye.

Автор: Матвиюк Николай Владимирович 9 июля 2020 19:03
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